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Pulstar G3

Advancements in Medicine, like the laser replacing the scalpel in surgery, are now available to the chiropractor. Chiropractors now enjoy the ability to deliver high-tech chiropractic adjustments to their patients.

Around the world, thousands of doctors of chiropractic are using instruments to precisely, safely and gently adjust the joints of the spine and extremities to relieve pain and restore function. Computerized control of pressure and direction give the chiropractor command in directing treatment to different areas of the body. The Pulstar G3 is one of the few adjusting instruments that actually detects the degree of restriction and uses a computerized algorithm to determine the least amount of force necessary to correct the problem. The sensation caused by the Pulstar G3 feels like a light tapping sensation and in most cases, the treatment is painless.


Dr. Stephen Cohen of Merrick Woods Chiropractic uses the Pulstar G3, a computerized instrument, rather than the traditional manual methods in most cases. Pulstar G3 treatments are high-tech. There is no popping or cracking with these advanced chiropractic adjustments, but rather a very precise and targeted adjustment designed to specifically care for your area of concern. When proper function of the spine is achieved with the Pulstar G3, benefits may include pain relief, improved range of motion, increased immune function, and an improved feeling of well being. Of course, results vary from case to case and chronic conditions, inflammation, or muscle spasm may delay these positive effects.